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Trust Administration

Cornerstone Service

Whether we act as trust agent, co-trustee, or trustee, we are here to support you

Our trust administrators and relationship managers have reviewed and administered thousands of Trust agreements and can advise you and your attorney regarding what types of dispositive provisions and Trustee structures work in various scenarios.  

In the setting of the governing Trust document, your TCV team will familiarize themselves with you, your family, and your goals to plan for your present and future financial needs.  We often work with families across multiple generations, nurturing the development of a trusted and personal advisory relationship.

Two women discussing a paper at Trust Company of Vermont
We feel that we have achieved the benefits of intimate, personalized service found in small investment advisory firms while maintaining the benefits of oversight found in larger institutions.

In-House Expertise


We offer the following trust administration services:

  • Detailed asset statements on an annual basis with monthly and quarterly statements as you prefer.
  • Online access to accounts for on-demand review of account information.  
  • Assurance of proper application of distributions to income and/or principal per the terms of the trust document.
  • In-house tax department
    • Every decision to buy, sell, gift, and distribute is made in the context of potential tax effect. 
    • From cost basis accuracy to application of the 65-day rule, an active involvement with accounts allows our tax team to recognize and consider items that may have been missed, remain incomplete, or might need adjustment come tax time.
    • A comprehensive package including 1099s, K-1s, and accommodation schedules with details of all gifting, medical, and other special distributions provides the information your tax preparer will need to complete your return efficiently and effectively.
    • Preparation of fiduciary tax returns.
  • Preparation and filing of court accountings.

We are happy to coordinate the transfer of your monthly and annual bills to our operations department assuring that payment is timely.

Typically, we meet with our clients on an annual basis.  Many events can trigger more frequent meetings.  It is critical to stay abreast of changes in the law and life circumstance as they relate to your assets.

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