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Internet Safety

We encourage our clients and website visitors to keep current with security patches for their computers’ operating system, such as Microsoft Windows Update or Apple Security Updates, and to maintain up-to-date anti-virus software as well. Firewalls and programs for spyware and adware are also useful.

TCV will never contact you by email asking you to provide personal information such as Social Security Numbers, account numbers, passwords or credit card information. As a matter of safe practice, never click on links in unsolicited e-mails – even if they appear to be from a financial institution or business you use – that ask for personal information. Even if you don’t provide the information requested, simply going to a phony or “spoofed” website can put your information at risk via keylogger programs.

The following links may provide helpful information about safe computing.*

* Please Note: When you click on these links you are leaving the TCV web site and they will open in a new browser window. We provide this information in the sincere hope you will find it helpful, but TCV is not responsible for the content.