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Philosophy & Approach

At Trust Company of Vermont (TCV), we believe that a comprehensive service offering, with transparent fees and aligned incentives, positions our clients to best achieve their financial goals and ultimately, peace of mind.

Creating continuity

Fully immersed in the communities we serve

Trust Company of Vermont’s employee-owned structure was designed to create continuity for our clients. In doing so, we foster long-term relationships and are committed to delivering our comprehensive offering at an attractive value for our clients. Often, we find competitors charging similar fees to ours, for just a single capability. However, as a company fully immersed in the communities we serve, the long-term prosperity and satisfaction of our clients are paramount to our success.

Our simple approach

Providing peace of mind to generations of families

Simplicity is something we strive for as a company, not only because complexity is often synonymous with higher fees, but also because a simple approach allows for more accurate adherence to the long-term plans set forth by our clients.  Families who work with us know that one company has the breadth of information, as well as the expertise, to create and execute a customized financial plan. Trust Company of Vermont has and will continue to provide peace of mind to generations of families across the globe.

Ongoing Investments

Software solutions

As technology has enabled lower cost trading and more affordable access to financial solutions, TCV has taken the distinct strategy to invest in platforms and capabilities that solve more of our client’s problems. These software solutions integrate with external custodians, allowing our clients to gradually transition assets to TCV or integrate blended families and variable outcome scenarios.

We are honored to serve our clients as an employee-owned company that values our communities and our clients.

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