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Investment Management

A comprehensive approach

Maximize your assets through the use of prudent investment strategies

At Trust Company of Vermont, the investment process begins with the Trust Investment Committee, a group of ten investment professionals with diverse experience and expertise.  Utilizing numerous fundamental research tools, our team performs the analysis required to manage both inherited positions and allocate to the most attractive new investment opportunities.

We believe that investment success is more a matter of time in the market, versus timing the market. We do not act on short-term trends. Rather, by integrating our unique estate planning expertise, we position portfolios to achieve both a client’s own goals and the efficient generational transfer of assets.

Through the direct ownership of securities, we seek to reduce the multiple layers of fees that are common in the investment advisory business. By minimizing trading, we limit taxable events and transaction costs. Our portfolios incorporate modern portfolio theory, and its core tenet diversification, to reduce volatility.

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“It is our belief that investments, trust/tax administration, and asset safekeeping should not be outsourced, in order to control the quality of our service.”

In-House Expertise

Our Investment Professionals

We understand that a client’s needs and preferences are unique. Our investment professionals can ensure that a tailored approach will achieve alignment from both an investment and philosophical perspective. Integrating this information with our in-house Trust and Estate Planning services, our Investment Management capabilities become an essential component of a comprehensive service offering to clients.

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