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Our Fees


Our fees are fair, competitive, transparent and all-inclusive

Annual Fees

(Calculated and deducted monthly)

Investment Management & Fiduciary Services for Trusts, Investment Portfolios and IRAs (Traditional, Roth, Inherited)

1% of the market value of the first $1,000,000
0.65% of the next $500,000
0.55% of the next $500,000
0.45% of the next $500,000
0.40% of the balance

How are fees calculated?

Because our goal is to attract and maintain long-term family relationships, fees are calculated on the combined market value of accounts held by/for the benefit of related family members.

We conduct an account services evaluation before we accept a new relationship to assure that the services likely to be required will fit within our comprehensive services structure. We reserve the option to assess additional charges for extraordinary services or may decline to accept a relationship that will require extraordinary services.

Additional considerations

Services that may not fall under our standard fee structure

The following services may have a different fee structure than noted in the Annual Fees section.

Upon the death of a client, it is our practice to settle their trust/estate without additional cost, other than for extraordinary or special services.  This courtesy is extended based upon the relationship developed over time with our client and management of their assets.  

When there is no opportunity to develop a relationship during life, estate settlement can often present unanticipated complexities of administration, family dynamics, asset collection, and tax preparation. We generally do not accept appointments in these situations unless there are continuing trusts to be managed.

  • Preparation of fiduciary 1041 tax returns, federal and state, when we serve as trustee – No fee

  • Fiduciary tax returns, federal and state, for client accounts when we are not trustee – Fee based on complexity

  • Federal and/or state estate tax return for clients – Hourly fee 

  • Tax filings for private foundations, when we are trustee – Hourly fee
We feel that we have achieved the benefits of intimate, personalized service found in small investment advisory firms while maintaining the benefits of oversight found in larger institutions.