Retirement Announcement: John Abel

The following announcement will come as a surprise for our clients and many, if not most, of our staff. John Abel will be retiring on April 30th.

John, one of our founders, has been an integral part of our company since inception. Now that we have been in existence for over twenty years, John’s young appearance did not change and many of our staff assumed that John would not be approaching retirement age for many years. But the founders knew better. The founders were previously employed in another trust department. Some worked with John for thirty years, and some for forty years and two for almost fifty years. So we are immensely grateful that John chose not to retire many years ago.

His contributions will always be valued and remembered. His skills, hard work, commitment, and dedication have been very important to us and he will be greatly missed.

Accolades will follow and there will be many. In the interim, we are organizing tributes to his impact on both our past and our future. Here is a copy of one of the first.