Helpful Apps

Helpful Apps

richRich: “I use RetirePlan often. StockTouch is the other app I use. It lists all stocks in the S&P 500 by economic sector. Looks like a big maze, but you can easily expand or contract with the touch screen. Example, I can simply press on the Financial square and it will zoom in on all the financial stocks. And on my phone I have Vivino. You take a picture of a wine label and the app will give you a review of the wine.”

Trust2722-EditBonnie: “I use TurboScan, it’s great for copying anything. I also use GasBuddy to see the cheapest gas in town, I love Snapchat with my kids, this is a great way to say hello. I also use JustCloud to back up my iPhone pictures. It frees up space on your iPhone or ipad so you can delete pictures but get to them any time. I also love I iHeartRadio. It allows access to any stations for free.”

sharryJeanne: I use an app called MapMyHike which can be used for walking, running, hiking, biking and almost any other type of activity and for exercise music . USPS Mobile for the post office lets you order supplies, hold your mail, schedule a pickup, calculate postage and a few other things.

George: “I use MapMyWalk. I also use Lose It! ‐ a calories counting and meal tracking app. Pandora – need I say more! The NPR app lets me listen to the Hourly Newscast anytime.”

ellenEllen:Go Sky Watch lets you hold your phone overhead for accurate sky maps.  While on the road, the FieldTripper app shows you what’s interesting near you, particularly roadside historic markers and sites. The Audubon Bird Pro app gives you pictures, maps, bird songs and even GPS notification of bird sightings.”

 JeanneSharryFlightView – Track flight information up to the minute. 411 Portal – Finds contact info for people & businesses. Passbook – keeps boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons and loyalty cards in one place. No need to carry all those store cards with you. Allrecipes – Find recipe, create shopping list from recipe, dinner spinner for those of us who get stuck in a rut.”

jackJack: “I use a TomTom watch and an iphone app to track my heart rate, my time and distance when exercising. I also learned a short cut for golfers who would like to avoid entering their scores to achieve an appropriate handicap. They say the best golfers walk 4 miles over 18 holes and the high handicappers, six miles. I registered 5.5 miles and it correlates well to my handicap.”

jane-wJane: Words with Friends is one of the first apps we all tried when the company issued iPads to all employees and a group of us are still in touch with each other nights and weekends playing it.

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